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HANDGUN & LONG GUN TRANSFERS: Whether you bought a gun online, or from a friend down the street, or you want to sell your gun to another person (regardless of where they live), U.S. Arms & Ammunition can help you navigate the gun laws and ensure a legal firearm transfer! Come to us and we will legally transfer a new gun purchase into your name or transfer your guns into another person's name after you have found a buyer. You can even come to our retail store with a potential buyer and complete the transfer at our facility. 

U.S. Arms & Ammunition accepts (inbound/outbound) firearm transfers (from/to) other licensed firearms dealers from across the country. We also accept transfers directly from private individuals.  U.S. Arms & Ammunition is permitted by law to transfer rifles and shotguns to persons 18 years of age or older.  Additionally, we are permitted by law to transfer handguns, receivers, frames, shotguns (without shoulder stocks), and other firearms that do not meet the legal definition of a shotgun or rifle, to persons 21-years of age or older.

 FOR ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY, bring your Military ID and Military PCS Orders (to a North Carolina Base) and we can treat you like a NC resident and you can buy handguns and long guns - regardless of what state ID you have!  

Procedures for Incoming Transfers (No Transfer Fee if Purchased from US Arms)
If a firearm is purchased online from someone other than U.S. Arms & Ammunition, or from another individual, and you want U.S. Arms & Ammunition to handle the incoming transfer, then you must follow these steps to avoid any delays:

  1. Notify U.S. Arms & Ammunition at that you are making a firearms purchase and you would like U.S. Arms & Ammo to handle the incoming transfer. This notification MUST include:
    1. Name of person picking-up the firearm from U.S. Arms & Ammo. The person picking-up the firearm must submit to, and pass, a background check prior to taking possession of the firearm(s),
    2. Local contact number for the person picking-up the firearm(s),
    3. E-mail address of the person picking-up the firearm(s),
    4. The name of the Firearm Dealer (or Individual) shipping the firearm to U.S. Arms & Ammunition 
    5. The make and model of the firearm (and serial number, if known) being sent to U.S. Arms & Ammunition.
  2. Purchase and pay for the firearm directly to the other Dealer or Individual.
  3. Provide the person shipping the firearm to U.S. Arms & Ammunition, a copy of our Federal Firearms License (FFL) below, or provide them with a link to our FFL so they can download a copy of our FFL directly from our website.  See FFL at bottom of page. You must provide U.S. Arms & Ammunition all necessary seller contact information (only if the seller will not accept the FFL directly from you) and we will contact them for you.
  4. Ensure that the person shipping the firearm includes either a copy of their Federal Firearms License (FFL) with the shipment OR, if the person is not a dealer, a copy of the sellers unexpired State-issued Driver’s License or unexpired State issued ID Card.  Additionally, they must include your contact information so we can call you when the firearm(s) arrive. NOTE: If the seller does not provide their ID or FFL with the firearm, we cannot transfer the firearm to you and you will need to follow-up with the shipper to get this information.  
  5. NOTE: U.S. Arms & Ammunition will notify you when the firearm has arrived and is ready for pick up if a contact number is provided with the gun.  If we are closed on the day the firearms arrive, we will still be notified by the shipper and we will pick-up the firearm directly from the shipper's local facility after hours (ie. USPS, UPS or FEDEX).  So do not worry if your firearm is scheduled to arrive on a day that we are closed.    

​In/Outbound Transfer fee: $20 

  • $10 for each additional firearm transferred at the same time and on the same 4473 form.
  • The same fee structure applies for outbound transfers, but will also include the cost of shipping (if applicable).  IMPORTANT NOTE: When we are shipping the guns for you, please have the gun(s) boxed and ready to be ship in a nondescript cardboard box, BUT do not seal the box as we will need to confirm the firearm serial numbers and then we will tape the box and take it to the shipper. 

​Packing & Shipping Service:

  • We ship firearms via US Postal Service, priority handling, with adult signature verification.  Alternate shipping can be accomplished by FedEx priority overnight delivery service. 
  • Shipping Fees vary by shipper, destination, dimension, and weight.
  • ​If you do not have a cardboard box and packing supplies to fit your gun, for $10, we will pack your firearm for you.
  • ​YOUR INFO! Before we ship the firearm, we will need a copy of your unexpired State issued ID, and the recipients FFL dealer name and contact information that will accept the firearm on the other end.
  • You will receive shipping and tracking information via email within 24 hours after the firearm has shipped.
  • All outbound shipments are processed and mailed on Mondays & Fridays.

Firearms Transfer Service Terms and Conditions:
While firearm transfers are an everyday occurrence in the firearms industry, issues rarely arise.  However, we have to legally disclose what could happen when these rare occurrences actually happen and also document our terms and conditions of our firearms transfer service that shall be considered accepted when using our transfer services.  
Pick-Up and Drop-Off: Customers may pick-up / drop-off firearms during posted business hours. Only the person directed by the shipper can take possession of the received firearm and only after that person has completed, and passed, a NICS background check for long guns or provided a N.C. pistol purchase permit or concealed carry permit for handguns). 

Background Checks: Background Checks are performed at the time the firearms are to be picked up, and only for the person for which the firearm was originally sent to.  If someone fails a background the check, the firearm will be returned to the FFL that transferred the firearm to us and only after we have received payment for the transfers, storage, and shipping fees. NOTE: If you are buying a gun as a gift for someone else (e.g. close friend or family member) that can legally purchase and possess the same type firearms, then you can legally purchase a gun in your name and later gift it to that family member or close friend. However, if we believe someone is trying to buy a gun for someone that is unable to buy or legally own or possess a gun on their own, we will not perform the transfer. This is considered an illegal straw purchase.     

Returned or Cancelled Transfers: Customer (intended recipient) is responsible for all return shipping charges should they wish to cancel and return a firearm to a seller. Customer (intended recipient) will also pay a $25 fee to cover the cost of recording the acquisition and deposition of the firearm. 

Shipping to Licensed FFL Dealers: All Firearm Transfers ship to a Federal Firearms License holder (FFL) only- no exception.  

Firearm Inspection: U.S. Arms & Ammunition inspects all firearms that ship in and out of our facility immediately upon receipt.  However, we will not be held liable for any defects, damage, or malfunctions of firearms transferred (inbound or outbound) to/from third parties. All damage of shipped items must be noted at time of delivery and any and all claims filed with the applicable shipper. Firearm defects or malfunctions must be directed to the firearm manufacturer.  

Storage Fees: We understand people take vacation or may have extended tours of duty, however, if such situation occurs, please have the seller/shipper delay shipping of your firearm until you are available to take possession of such firearm. If a firearm remains with U.S. Arms & Ammunition for more than fourteen (14) days, from date of receipt, a storage fee of $3 per day will accrue retroactively from the date the firearm(s) were received. All transfer fees, shipping, and storage fees must be paid before U.S. Arms & Ammunition will release/transfer the firearm.

Abandoned Inbound Transfers: Firearms transferred to U.S. Arms & Ammunition are considered abandoned if not picked up within 30 calendar days from the date the firearm was received by U.S. Arms & Ammunition unless other arrangements were made in writing (or email) prior to U.S. Arms & Ammunition receiving the firearm. If we are unable to contact you by phone, or you have a phone number that is not monitored and we receive your voicemail that says "the customer has a voicemail that has not been set up" and we cannot leave a message, then it is your responsibility to come in and collect your firearm(s) within 30-calendar days, pay any applicable storage fees, and have the firearm(s) transferred into your name. To avoid potential straw purchases, only the sender of a firearm can change the name of the person who will receive the gun. Please be sure to account for all pistol purchase permit application delays and/or concealed carry permit application delays (delays for pistol purchase permits and concealed carry permits are your responsibility, and not US Arms & Ammunition, so please have your permits prior to ordering guns to avoid storage fees and possible abandoned firearms issues). Abandoned firearms will be disposed of for the previously anticipated cost of transfer and any accrued storage fees.  All monies collected from the sale of an abandoned firearm shall belong to U.S. Arms & Ammunition and the intended recipient of such firearm shall not have any recourse against U.S. Arms & Ammunition or its owners or employees.