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Thinking about selling your used firearms? Whether it's an old gun in the back of your closet that you have been meaning to get rid of, or you inherited an entire firearm collection that you would prefer to sell and hold some cold hard cash, we are happy to appraise your collection and offer you top dollar for your guns. Send us an email with detailed pics of your gun or stop by the shop with your firearm and let us take a look at it. For larger collections, we can come to your location to look at your firearms. NOTE: If bringing your firearms into our retail store, please be sure your firearms are unloaded, the magazine is not inserted, and the firearm is in an appropriate carrying case before entering our facility.  (NOTE: As always, customers with CCW permits carrying concealed and individuals that open carry are are always welcome in our store with their loaded firearms provided they remain holstered while inside our store.)  

We buy all types of firearms (subject to inspection).  This option provides the quickest way for you get cash for your guns. Once we inspect the firearm, we will present you with an offer and you will be provided a bill of sale for your records and an instant cash or check payment will be issued.

A trade is just like selling your firearm to us, however, instead of receiving cash or a check, you receive a credit towards the firearm you are purchasing at the time of trade-in. Once we inspect the firearm, we will present you with an offer. Once a price is agreed upon, you will be provided with a bill of sale for your records and a credit will be applied towards your new gun purchase.  Trade-in credits may only be applied to the purchase of a new firearm.

If you prefer to sell your firearm on your own but want to use our store to showcase the gun, we can certainly assist you with selling your firearm at a price that you are comfortable with.  Our consignment fee is a flat 15% of the sale price, plus any auction fees if we sell the firearm online.  However, if you decided reclaim your firearm before the gun has been sold, you are required to pay a 7% fee on the highest listing price.  U.S. Arms & Ammunition reserves the right to discontinue any consignment agreement at any time (and no fee is due if U.S. Arms & Ammunition discontinues a consignment agreement).  Consignment firearms are done on a case-by-case basis.